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Financing Available

Thank you for inquiring about financing your Greenhouse or other equipment for your business needs through Clearview Financial. I look forward to working with you. These are some examples of payment plans we offer. We also can provide standard bank loans and a variety of other payments to match your cash flow. Please fill out the attached application and fax it to 509-665-3449, or give me a call at 866-392-3444. Ask for Justin Highland. Check out our website at

Standard Lease Plan

The basic lease to own. Twelve payments per year. Either $1.00 or 10% (of purchase price) residuals. Choose your purchase option depending on your tax and accounting needs. New or used equipment OK.

Seasonal Payment Plan

This plan allows the lessee to take up to three months per year with no payments. If your cash flow is seasonal, this is a perfect plan.

10% Down Plan

Put 10% down if you have the cash available. This will lower the monthly payment and it may be used to pay the purchase option at the end of the lease, or can be returned to you. You can still enjoy the benefits of the true tax lease with no "residual" payment at the end of the lease.

90-Days Deferred Payment Plan

Begin the lease with one month's payment and then take 90 days off. Use these 90 days to get the equipment in and generating profit, then begin making payments.

7 x 100 Plan

The lease begins with $100 down, followed by $100 per month for the next six months. This allows the lessee six months to get the equipment in and generating profit before beginning to make payments. It is also great for back ordered equipment, delays in production, or to purchase equipment that isn't really needed for a few months.

Step-Up or Step-Down Plan

This Plan is excellent to work around a specific job that may require the leasee to purchase special equipment. Example: leasee has a job that will last 9 months and needs some equipment to complete the job. He knows he will have great cash flow at the beginning. He may wish to make larger payments for the first year, then reduce them there after. Or just the opposite, he may want low payments at the beginning, then increase them the following year.

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