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Since its founding in 1931, National Greenhouse has manufactured Swimming Pool Enclosures and Greenhouses with strict attention to structural and aesthetic detail.

National Greenhouse produces a wide variety of Swimming Pool enclosures for virtually every type and size of application. Our engineers and designers have developed Innovations in customized Solar enclosures for scores of specialized requirements. Our experienced staff will work closely with you or your local engineer, architect and or Contractor from conception to completion of your Pool Enclosure project. National Greenhouse Pool Enclosures can be designed with Stationary or Venting Roof systems, Swing, Sliding of Folding Glass Doors. More Innovations in Solar gain!

Our National Greenhouse - swimming pool enclosures are the Innovation standard of excellence in the Solar swimming pool enclosure industry. They feature all aluminum frames for long-term low-maintenance operation. The frame is offered in standard mill finish aluminum or it can be anodized or painted (optional) in a variety of attractive finishes. Structural alternatives include truss style or rigid frame, allowing the architect freedom of design.

National Greenhouse offers a wide selection of Innovations in popular Solar glazing materials. To cover the structure, extruded Polycarbonate, in 8 mm Triple-Wall or 16 mm Five-Wall thickness or even 1/8" tempered glass is also available.

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